Social Media Marketing

Grow your business using social media

Social media marketing

Helping you grow your business using social media

With the latest trends showing over half of the world’s population will be using social media by the middle of 2020, to not have a social media strategy is surely, well, crazy?

what exactly is social media marketing?

Social media marketing refers to the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to connect with your audience. It is the fastest growing marketing strategy, and for good reason, with over 50% of the global population on at least one of these platforms the potential is huge.

Whether your strategy is brand awareness or to increase traffic to your website or even simply to increase sales, social media marketing is for sure your best option.

social media marketing with noviom

At Noviom we understand social media, our research means we are not just another social media marketing agency. We optimise every post to ensure maximum benefit and increased return.

Planning is the key to our social media marketing, before we do anything, we first sit down with you and look at profiling your account. We ask you questions about your business, customers and competitors that you may not not know the answers to, but thats okay, in-fact, thats great! Let’s find out together.

Our social media marketing profiling

Company Profiling

We must first understand you, your company, what makes you tick, what you do well, your services, those sorts of things. We make your business our business.

Customer Profiling

Next, we need to find out as much as we can about your customers. We ask questions that narrow down exactly who we will be targeting.

Competition Profiling

What are those pesky so and so’s down the road doing? Well, whatever they’re up to, let’s do it differently, let’s be better.







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