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Over 400% ROAS Achieved in 2021

Pay per click advertising

Pay per click is a highly effective form of digital marketing that’s often utilised as an online lead generation tool.  This form of advertising is very cost effective with the advertiser only paying once a potential customer clicks on the ad. The targetted nature of pay per click often results in better qualified leads that are more likely to convert to paying customers. As with any form of advertising, advertisers are looking for a return on investment, on average our customers see a return of over 400%.

How can pay per click advertising help you?

Pay Per Click advertising is highly targetted, meaning you can set the audience that you would like to show up for including keywords, age and location. Pay Per Click is one of the fastest ways to reach the top of the SERP (Search engine results pages), while many deem organic search (SEO) as being more beneficial, it can be very time consuming and competitive. Pay Per Click allows businesses to show up almost immediately when a user searches for their services. This can be done through keyword targeting, where advertisers select the relevant keywords that potential customers might be using.

One of the most popular paid search platforms is Google Ads, which is separated into 4 main areas paid search, shopping, display and remarketing.

Pay Per Click Agency

Paid Search

Refers to the sponsored results at the top of the search results page


Appears in the sponsored results, but also includes a product image and price, unlike paid search which is just text ads.


Text or graphics that appear on third-party websites, very good for targeting specific audiences by piggybacking off the success of an already popular website.


Remarketing is targetting customers that have already visited your website, especially effective for e-commerce websites, covert window shoppers into customers.

Pay per click agency - The managed approach

At Noviom Labs we believe in a more hands-on approach, we don’t simply rely on automated bidding, we monitor your account to ensure that each keyword is performing as expected and make sure that no keywords have been missed. Our continued passion to achieve the best results for our clients has resulted in achieving an average ROAS of over 400%. 

Our ethos is simple, we work for you, your success is our success.


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